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Noob here

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Greetings fellow Maverick drivers and enthusiasts. Just picked up a 2022 Maverick XLT with the tow package/FX4 with 13K miles from Carmax. Been driving BMW's ever since I first started driving way back in 1996 however, I gave my step-daughter my 335i sedan and for the past year I've been eyeing getting my hands on a Maverick. For the past year I've been using my wife's Wrangler to pull our 21' camper but now we'll be using the Maverick for those duties. Also, it'll be my DD. So far in the few days I've owned it, I've been impressed on how it handles and the 2.0 does have a little pep to it. Might give my F36 428i a run for it's money as I may be giving that to my son who'll be driving by this summer. Not sure if this site has a post count before pictures but I'll throw some up soon as tomorrow we're heading to Pigeon Forge for the holiday weekend. Took off tomorrow and Tuesday to enjoy a nice 5 day weekend there and having the Maverick makes it even more enjoyable.

I opted on getting the extended Maxcare warranty up to 150K odometer miles as I understand I'm still covered under the new car 3/36 and 5/60 powertrain, however, we travel frequently with the camper so it's good to have added piece of mind. So far the truck has had two (2) oil changes in its life so far and with that said, I plan on doing 5K synthetic oil intervals. Would love to hear thoughts on that. Thinking down the line, spark plugs replaced at 50K since by then, the service life is at 50%? I've done light maintenance on the BMW's I've owned (oil changes, spark plugs) so I'm hoping it'll be just as easy on the Maverick.

Comments, both neg/pos are encouraged as I want to learn more about the Maverick and the proper tonneau cover I should get.
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So far the truck has had two (2) oil changes in its life so far and with that said, I plan on doing 5K synthetic oil intervals.
No need to arbitrarily change the oil at X number of miles! It has a dashboard and Fordpass oil % countdown which is all you need to go by!

Mine is at 3,962 miles and at 64% oil life remaining, which works out to change at 6,190 miles, but ONLY because I drive fewer miles than average, and it estimates in January (one year exactly on the oil), I will have that many miles. A while ago, it estimated I would need to change at 12,000 miles, had I put that many miles in come January.

Since you tow, and it will take that into consideration, and say to change oil accordingly (obviously lower than non towing).
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