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Official Welcome Thread

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Welcome to the 2022+ Ford Maverick Forum!

This thread is for any first-time posters to introduce themselves and give a small description of who they are, as well as any further details they wish to include. You can also introduce yourself here as many have done already!

We would also like to remind everyone to fill out their profile by uploading an avatar and to fill out the signature section. By doing this, we hope to establish a greater sense of community among Maverick owners and enthusiasts.

Also add your Maverick to the Reservation Tracker here.

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Hello, I'm Paul and live in Central Virginia. I have been reading and watching everything I find about the reincarnation of the Maverick nameplate for months. Ordered a Lariat LUX in Alto Blue on 9/15, but I think the order banks crashed because I didn't receive my confirmation email until 9/16. So far, I have only seen 3 on the road around here but haven't had the opportunity to speak to any of the owners. The dreaded wait begins!
81 - 100 of 119 Posts