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Okay! Alright Already!

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Who else has had the pleasure? This is the 2nd warning. It came with an alarm tone. The first one is colored amber with a friendlier "suggestion" message. 馃槅馃ケ
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I came in a little hot. Lol
It was my fault
"Driver Attention Detection uses different types of information to detect drowsiness, including steering wheel movements and length of time driving. It will alert the driver to take a break via an alert on the dashboard and a sound." Apparently it thought you were ready to doze off... 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
I was dozing off. Must've been steering wheel movement, reduction in speed, etc. I had been driving under 2 hours and I think it was around 11pm.
I found a section in the Owner's Manual under "Driver Assist" . In the manual I downloaded it starts on page 250. I've gotten the take a rest message a couple times and not sure why.
Here's the Yellow Alert, friendlier version before the Red Alert REST NOW message. No crazy audio alerts. I was just yawning and this popped up. I almost wonder if there's an interior facing camera....

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21 - 24 of 24 Posts