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On an XLT without SYNC3 can you use voice commands to make calls?

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I'm curious as to whether you can use voice commands to dial phone entries in an XLT without SYNC3. Shown below are instructions for using voice recognition to make phone calls. It says "This only works when connected via Bluetooth". I've read other articles which seem to suggest that the phone needs to be connected via USB and you have to use Android Auto. After reading this section of the manual, I believe that even without SYNC3 you can make calls with your phone just connected via Bluetooth. Or do you need SYNC3 in the Lariat for this to work?

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For some reason, I tend to recall reading that making calls and using your phone is the only thing you can do with voice command without sync. You can’t use voice command to change radio stations, change AC settings, use nav without sync. Of course the car without sync does not have nav to begin with. Honestly, as far as the phone is concerned, voice command is sort of obsolete given that you can directly speak to your phone for various functions.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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