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Order submitted 7/19 yay!

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Yesterday, ordered Co-Pilot 360 (just to qualify for a slider) and LUX pkg……totaled $26, 815. Had to pay $500 deposit.
I asked about the redundancy of full-sized spare……I would receive one for Co-Pilot pkg and
one for Luxury pkg. I t threw them for a loop….they said they didnt realize that and therefore would be unable to provide answer. Even the head of sales wasnt aware—said they will be asking ‘the powers to be’ at Ford Coro how to handle this. I asked if they could deduct one spare @ $115 and apply the amount to the slider window and was told no. I think they should deduct $115 off price of truck before taxes. To me that would be the good-will gesture for a dealership but I rather doubt they would do that so if they won’t offer any other option I will insist on 2 spares that I qualify for in the purchase of two separate pkgs. In the very least it should qualify for a free oil change.
Also, I asked if they knew for certain the headrests are removable in rear bench seat——again, they had no idea. At that point, I felt like they thought I was being a difficult female. All I did was present
VALID questions so it didnt bother me any. I only asked because some guy in this forum wanted to know. I would just naturally assume the headrests are removable.
The Ranger with Cactus Gray was parked in total shade and it looked so cool—-I was able to discern the tinge of green in overall color. When I saw it 3 days before that, it was in total sunlight and it appeared just a light gray. Their were some bright orange and black graphics on Ranger and it was really striking….I loved it. I might consider a bit of orang/dark grey pinstripping on Maverick. :love:
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Well, way to go. I know you have been researching a lot so glad you got what you wanted :)
The 360 will give you power mirrors (just not folding)
I thought it was only the XL that had folding mirrors…not XLT?
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