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Doh! This looks like an impact, but I'm still shocked and appalled at how easily this paint chips.

I have a 16 year old Kia Spectra that hasnt been garaged in over a decade. It doesn't have a single chip in the doors.

Question: anyone think it's possible I can use bubbling paint on one section of the vehicle to make a claim on the entire paint job (maybe somewhere around 35,999 miles)?

It seems to me that clear evidence of improper prep/application on one location might suggest the same deficiencies elsewhere?

Im not a paint expert. Im not a motor vehicle warranty expert either.

Im not looking for a free lunch I just want my paint to stay on the vehicle. Is that too much to ask?

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No, warranty would only cover repainting the panels that have a warrantable defect.
They are picky and make sure than the paint issue isn't due to impact/damage.
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