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Anyone have info regarding what the front seats are like? Any other Ford model similar or same seat that I could stop in the dealer and try on?
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The seats in the Escape and Bronco Sport will be the same. I personally find then down the scale on comfort and support. They are flat and spongy. (all in my opinion). Price point made them ok to live with for me.
So.... Do the manual six way adjustable seats adjust for height on new Maverick and if so, do they go as high as the power version? My daughter and I considering getting new truck. She is only 5' tall and I'm 5'3".
I think the hybrid is the best value of any car and truck currently for sale in the US. It has very few issues but I do need to call the seats among those. Probably subjective but the seats are not padded enough and hurt after medium range drives. The other notable one is the screen orientation. It almost seem to be angled downward!
Thanks Mav. Do you have manual or power driver seat? And if manual adjust, does it have height adjust? Thx, tomt
I have manual seats in my xlt and find them very comfortable. I like how high they are as well. My legs don’t just shoot straight out. I’m 6’ 270lbs.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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