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Struggling with color choice

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Is anyone else struggling with color selection? Usually I prefer white, but it clashes with all of the charcoal cladding. Area 51 sometimes has a baby blue vibe...Cactus gray sometimes looks minty green...
The other thing to consider is how the exterior color will work with the blue panels in the XLT interior and the orange trim. I prefer grey/black interior surfaces but I'm not willing to give up cruise control and alloy wheels with the XL option.
I used to only own black vehicles but they really show dust/dirt and are extremely hot here in the dirty south.
Am I the only one who is having difficulty????
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I thought I might like the XL interior better too until I realized that other than the seats, it actually has more blue than the XLT.
Can you explain on this topic? How does a XL have more ‘blue’ then a XTL please?
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Interesting, thanks. I have not seen a good enough quality video discerning that point so will look for it here and there. Most of them are still photos or video without great interior lighting when filmed.
If I ordered one I would want outside color to best match interior term colors on the XTL trim. The, what I will call the dark blue plastic main interior color, makes me think the: silver, carbonized gray, else maybe cactus gray would work best as an exterior color. Maybe Area 51 also though of those four maybe least likely (in order) to show dirt would be silver, Area 51 (not certain), then maybe cactus gray and last carbonized gray would show dirt the most.

Now if we are talking only the XT trim (with dark blue plastic though, it seems, darker front dash trim area face to the right of the media hub over to the right door plus the mostly black seats and (I am thinking) darker side door inserts for water bottle then I would say carbonized gray else cactus gray so far as outside color matching inside color.

Though HE double tooth picks…I could be dead wrong on thoughts above :) but if I got one these then I would go with one of the colors above depending on which I ordered. Just not certIan which could would be best at hiding dirt. I don’t take them to the car wash often and for certain don’t wash them at home (well maybe this small truck I would if ordered.
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Because of every time you open the door.

Lol, explains Area 51 :)
best thing my wife does is puts my beer between her legs to keep it cold.
So that is the secret :)
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I'm currently torn between cactus gray, area 51 and carbonized gray. I've played it safe for most of my life and I feel like carbonized gray is the safe pick. Recently, I've taken a liking to taking risk. I feel like cactus gray and area 51 are the risker picks but the slate blue interior of the xlt looks like it might clash some with area 51 IMO.
Alto Blue should work I think
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