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Struggling with color choice

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Is anyone else struggling with color selection? Usually I prefer white, but it clashes with all of the charcoal cladding. Area 51 sometimes has a baby blue vibe...Cactus gray sometimes looks minty green...
The other thing to consider is how the exterior color will work with the blue panels in the XLT interior and the orange trim. I prefer grey/black interior surfaces but I'm not willing to give up cruise control and alloy wheels with the XL option.
I used to only own black vehicles but they really show dust/dirt and are extremely hot here in the dirty south.
Am I the only one who is having difficulty????
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I’ve changed my mind quite a few times and since I haven’t ordered one I will probably change it a few more times lol. I really like the Cyber Orange because it looks more yellow and I like that but I like the XL interior better and a XL hybrid is really all I need and want. I will probably go with Silver, gray or white even if they aren’t flashy and there’s millions of them out there. I will also be changing the rims so the work/fleet truck look would be temporary.
1 - 1 of 82 Posts
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