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Tonneau Cover

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I am not impressed with the tonneau cover offerings. Mostly, I do not like the looks and do not like the tri-fold at all.

Will anyone ever offer a one piece, tilt fiberglass cover for the Maverick? The tilt covers have their own issues, but they look great.

The oem rollup on our 22 Santa Cruz is nice, works well and looks good.
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Have had an Extang roll up on the Tacoma for about 14 years. Same for Maverick is $490. Ford’s for $590 is fine by me.
I want a cover that sits flush or between the bed sides. The Maverick has a great side profile and I do not want to screw it up with a big tonneau cover sitting on top of the bed.

I may end up making my own out of diamond plate.
I know one thing, the Lund trifold soft cover sold by Real Truck would not be my choice next time.
Have one of these on my F350 as well. Not the cheapest but secure, looks great.

Bought both from this company that offers deals at times.

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