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Tucci Hot Rods will be selling parts for people to recreate their Maverick SEMA build for their own! Owner Chris Tucci says that parts should be available starting next year.

The Ford Maverick is already of the brand's hottest models, but soon you'll be able to buy a very hot version of it.

Not from the factory, but from New York's Tucci Hot Rods, which built a custom Maverick for Ford's display at the recent SEMA and Los Angeles auto shows that received such a positive response the small operation plans to offer full builds and the parts needed to recreate it yourself.

The blue street rod features turbofan wheels, a lowered suspension, fender flares, jutting lip extension and a giant spoiler mounted to the back of the cab. Its based on the 250 hp turbocharged all-wheel-drive version of the Maverick, which will also available as a front-wheel-drive hybrid at a starting price of $21,490. Ford has been promoting the compact pickup as a template for custom creations.

Owner Chris Tucci told Fox News Autos that all of the parts were created using a 3D printer and that he is talking to partners and exploring options to put them into production.

He also has a half-dozen requests to build complete vehicles, which he'll be happy to accommodate when possible. He and his son, Dom, are the shop's only staff and they kind of like it that way.

The show truck itself will spend the next year and a half touring shows before it can be sold, but Tucci is hoping to have the easy to install parts on sale at a price commensurate with the entry-level nature of Maverick sometime in 2022.
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