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Well guess what? After diggin.

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After posting everything I got from Ford, e-mailing said dealership I went to Thursday, they replied sayin I could in fact order, in an e-mail after!! So sorry CC Ford(not real name, but close) I reserved a Maverick from SG Ford, and got a response yesterday, Friday! I will be going there tomorrow, because I'm off work. I work in the Utility industry so I get the priveledge to work all days...I can't wait to retire!!!! 2 more years to go ...if I get cursed out much more I will just call it quits>>>customers about their bills, service etc...40 years is enough. So I will order a Cactus Grey, 2.0 turbo, AWD, FX4, Tow PK, XLT with XLT LUX pk, passenger side tool box, bed divider kit, console vault....if they @ick me around I will leave. Mind you I still have my Big Bronco order. After what I found out... I will play the car game! It sickens me how GREED is a driving force in things today. Just for sticks and grins I reserved a Hyundai Santa Cruz as well, yesterday, paid my money. Guess what I already heard from them too.... Now I have configure one of those too. SO... friends play the dealer GAYMES! I will. Because I, I hate GAYMES! GREED has NO freind.... Dealers....YOU lose in the end. You can choke on your "Unique" cars. I will just keep mine. Not a happy camper here.
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