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What are the USB-C ports for?

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What are the USB-C ports for? And how are they different from the regular rectangular USB ports?

So would you just connect say your phone with a USB-C to USB-C cable?

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USB C is the current and future of the USB protocol. It can carry data way faster and more power than older USB revisions. One of the biggest advantages of USB C is that it is reversible, both the connector and the cable. Ever wonder why nothing had USB A on both ends? Because USB A was always the "host" device and USB B/micro B/mini B was always the "client." With C, everything from now on can have C connections to both supply and receive power, to send and receive data. So yes, a C to C cable is how you'd connect a modern phone and many more devices in the future. It will be the fastest charge(probably), and is reversible on how to plug it in. In the mavericks case, the phone will probably never supply power to the truck, but if you had two USB C phones connected together either could charge the other. It's super exciting to be moving to one connector that is reversible and can do everything.
Source: I'm a programmer by trade and a huge tech nerd.

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USB C ports are just the “next gen” of ports that are being adopted by electronic manufacturers. They are smaller which work well for devices that are getting thinner with every new generation of device. They offer quicker charge rates and, depending on the application, can also transfer data quicker.

In the Maverick, you will connect your phones for Android & Apple CarPlay through either the USB-A or USB-C port. For many android users that means you could connect with USB-C to USB-C and IPhone users will use USB-C to Lightning connector.
In short, either usb-a or usb-c will work for you.
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Later generation android phones use USBC ports for charging (also Qi wireless charging, but that's not what this is about). USBC will probably soon replace common USB and microUSB charging ports because...who knows? The cool thing about USBC slots is that, unlike USB and MicroUSB, it doesn't matter which way you plug in the cable. The opening is symmetrical. Also, it's a faster charger. Thanks for reminding me to look for double ended USBC cables now.
USB C also supports up to 20V, 3A power delivery; I don't know if the Maverick will supply it, but USB C is now used to power many laptops. As such, more and more electronics are coming with USB C, so you can get a USB C to USB C cable and it'll run just about anything (well, unless you have an iPhone, then sorry - you're stuck with Lightning on one end).
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