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What Brand of Tires are connected with Each Option Package?

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Does anyone know which brand of tires are associated with each Option, Package, Engine, etc.?
I think that I see Continental on one of the introduction videos. However, another brand is also shown?
So, can the brand vary by production date? Or does it change with option package?
Does tire brand vary with XL, XLT, and Lariat trims?
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Yes - I don’t know the answer but I do know that on other new cars I have bought, most recently a 2017 Volvo S60, there were 3 different tire brands for the same model - luck of the draw which particular car came with which brand. I ended up driving the car for 3 years until the pirellis worn down enough for me to go for my preferred brand - Michelin pilot sport A +.
I believe one of the brands/models of tires to be used as an all-terrain tire will be the Falken Wildtrak -- as I've seen on some Bronco Sports. As mentioned, and seen in some photos, Continentals will be one of the all season tires used, too.
If you go on it shows which tires are standard equipment on each trim. You would have to do some deductive reasoning to figure out which ones come with different packages (fx4, 4k, etc)
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XLT should have Continentals unless they changed it since preproduction.
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